Industry leaders

The Sotrafa facilities are located in Almeria, a world leader in plastic agriculture, and we have developed the largest range of products.

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respect for the environment

Products certified for all types of uses: Civil works, industrial, mines, fish farms, irrigation canals, environmental works, etc…

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Solutions in all fields

In our wide range you will find the product that adapts to your needs

The Company


From our R & D department come out the solutions that make our plastics an effective tool for your destination.


To manufacture very specialized plastics requires technology and Sotrafa has always gone ahead in that terrain.


Research and technology allow our plastics to comply with all required certifications.

The clients

We studied your needs

We study your needs and advise you on what type of product will be the most useful and appropriate.


Our facilities have a high stock to be able to serve the chosen product in the requested time.

We think green

You have the security of having a material made and studied to respect our environment.


We are a company in constant evolution

Leaders in Technology

Pioneers by nature

Since 1976 in Almeria, one of the most interesting experiences in the world has been experienced.

And Sotrafa has been one of its protagonists. Its factory was the first to settle in the area.
Since that date the area of winter crops in Almeria has multiplied to become the pantry of Europe. The quality and variety of Sotrafa plastics as well. It is no coincidence that its range is the widest.

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