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//Sotrafilm Natural/ Black Oxodegradable
Sotrafilm Natural/ Black Oxodegradable 2018-04-20T12:45:15+00:00

Polyethylene films with additives to get degradation under determinate conditions. It is necessary a previous oxidation (fragmentation) before the microorganisms are assimilated by the ground.

Oxodegradable film can be Transparent or Black colour.

Properties and Applications

The main objective of this product is to allow the film, once it has been used, to safely and completely degrade. Product removal is not necessary.

Degradation (mechanical properties loss), will depend on the crops, climatic conditions of the place, type of lands, and season when the film is place, etc…

The buried part has a slower degradation, being necessary to break the land after recollection and unearth remains parts of the film to favour definitive degradation.


  • Similar properties to a normal mulching film.

  • Degradation time can be adapted depending on the application.

  • Avoids weed growth during the products lifespan.

  • Environmentally friendly with no debris or waste following degradation.

Essential to attend “Guarantees, conditions and advice on applying the film” which are given with the product.