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Our activity is designed for two different
markets: agricultural market development and
environmental protection with our
waterproofing geomembranes.


Leaders in
the sector

Sotrafa’s facilities are
located in Almería, an area that
is a world leader in plasticulture,
with the largest range of
developed products.



Products certified
for all types of use: civil works,
industrial mines, fish farms,
irrigation canals,
environmental works,…

New geomembrane plastic products with an innovative production process.

Sotrafa has received an economic support cofinanced by the European Regional Developement Fund (ERDF-FEDER). […]


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in constant evolution

  • doble cámara alta transparencia

Double Cover films – A perfect combination with TRC Premium Cover

September, 2021|

The use of Double Covers films in the greenhouses of Southern Spain is well established and has experienced a notable growth in recent years. Double Covers are an important requirement on a greenhouse, reducing fluctuations [...]

  • Certificado MORE


August, 2021|

Since last June, Sotrafa has been part of the MORE (Monitoring Recyclates for Europe) platform. This platform has been created by the Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists (ANAIP), where it is certified the commitment to [...]

Types of Plastics for Greenhouses

July, 2021|

If you need to change the plastic cover of your greenhouses, this article will advise what type of plastic is usually used for greenhouses, and can help you obtain maximum profitability from your crops. There [...]


Leaders in


Pioneers by Nature

Since 1976 in Almería, one of the most interesting developments in the world of horticulture has been experienced. Sotrafa has been one of its founders. Our factory was the first in the area. Since that date this area of winter crops in Almería has grown extensively to become the garden of Europe. The quality and variety of Sotrafa plastics are a huge part of this growth. It is no coincidence that  our range is the widest available worldwide.