Multilayer co-extrusion Black / White bag, manufactured in different thicknesses and diameters.
This product contains a white exterior, thus reflecting sunlight and reducing extreme high temperatures, and a black interior layer which prevents short IR radiation from entering the bag. Both layers help to maintain a constant temperature, eliminating spikes, and thus increasing the nutritional value of the stored product.

Properties and Applications

Developed for the fermentation and storage of animal feed, Greenbag offers more flexibility and advantages than traditional silage applications.
Designed to hold fodder, grain, etc and preserve it to feed cattle keeping its original nutritional value.
Other uses could be: biogas plants, compost production, industrial by-products storage (grappa production waste, beet pulp,…).


  • Excellent mechanical properties and strong resistance to tearing and impact.

  • Adequate temperatures maintained for optimal fermentation.

  • High efficiency in forage preservation with low loss of nutrients.

  • Hermetically sealed area prevents the growth of aerobic bacteria, moths, and other insects, eliminating the need for chemical treatments (insecticides).

  • The white layer is placed outwards and reflects solar radiation avoiding excessive heating of fodder. This avoids unwanted fermentations.

  • Very low permeability to oxygen. Excellent barrier against water and air, avoiding possible leakage of polluting gases.