The range is composed by Sotrabat Black/White, Sotrabat Green/Black and Sotrabat Green/Green, manufactured by multilayer co-extrusion system with different thicknesses.
Made of different copolymers, LDPE, LLDPE (lineal) and / or mLLDPE (metallocene).

Properties and Applications

Film designed to cover cattle facilities:

Sotrabat range:

  • Sotrabat Green / Black, in 250µ and 350µ
  • Sotrabat Green / Green, in 250µ and 350µ
  • Sotrabat Black / White, in different thicknesses, 160µ, 200µ, 250µ and 350µ


  • Reduction of cost and easy installation.

  • Very easy to install.

  • The structure could be easily transformed in a horticulture greenhouse, without modifications and important cost.

  • The duration of the product will depend on the thicknesses, radiation of the place where the film it is going to be installed. It could oscillate from 55 months to 10 years.

(*) Minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology and radiation of the country or zone where the film is going to be used, and the thickness of this.