Multilayer co-extrusion LDPE and LLDPE film, in different thicknesses. Sotrafilm FS (Photoselective) can be Brown or Green.

Properties and Applications

Sotrafilm FS has a packet of special photoselective and U.V. stabilizers, which optimizes the film ecologically, giving the best conditions for plants.

This film acts as a filter for solar radiation. It absorbs the part of the radiation necessary for photosynthesis and allows thermic radiation to warm the crop.

This product can be acquired:

  • With different plantation frames.
  • Microperforated.
  • Macroperforated with different plantation frames.


  • Absorbs active photosynthetic radiation (360-720nm), preventing weed growth under the film.

  • Allows radiation over 720nm to pass through, heating up the ground (less than the Sotrafilm NT) and the root system of the plant.

  • Specially recommended for late crops where an accumulation of heat is necessary for the root system and to eradicate weeds.