Thermic film, with LDPE base, Diffused, in White (H) colour and Photoselective effect (FS). Manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion systems and different thicknesses. This film is treated with photo-selective additives which block UV B radiation between 280 and 390 nm.

Properties and Applications

This film has been designed to cover greenhouses and tunnels that require good protection against solar radiation and chemical attacks.
It contains a special package of thermic additives in order to avoid sharp nocturnal and diurnal temperature differentials and the risk of frost which are harmful to the plant.
With a high light diffusion, the film eliminates the shadows inside the greenhouse and allows an equal distribution of light across the crop, thus increasing yield.

As whitefly has a visual capacity between 280 and 390nm (UV B), the same spectrum as this film absorbs, the population of these insects within the greenhouse is decreased and consequently the diseases they transmit. It also inhibits the sporulation process of some fungi (such as Botrytis Cinerea) reducing the disease they cause.

Although the film can act as a screen for some other insects such as the bee, studies show that they are able to adapt to this situation over some days.
To obtain the expected result, we recommend the use of photo-selective side ventilation films.

Disinfectants, pesticides and insecticides must not splash or contaminate the cover of the greenhouse, as it can affect the film duration.


  • Reduction of whitefly and other viruses within the greenhouse.

  • Reduction of cooling risk thanks to the thermic effect.

  • Excellent light diffusion (60%)

  • Excellent transmission of visible light (88%)

  • Recommended for climates with sharp diurnal and nocturnal changes.

The minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology, solar radiation of the zone and thickness of the film.