Multilayer co-extrusion film manufactured in 30 microns, incorporating high gas barrier properties in one of the layers. This layer prevents fumigation gas release, thus improving the disinfection efficiency.

Properties and Applications

Chemical products used for soil disinfection turn to a gaseous state when they are applied.

These gases become toxic and attack greenhouses covers causing a reduction in duration. For this reason, it is necessary to cover the soil with a proper film to avoid gas dispersion.

A traditional film has a degree of porosity which allows disinfectant release, making the process less effective and more expensive.

An impermeable film is therefore essential to reach an effective and safe disinfection.

  • Manufactured with a central barrier layer.
  • Designed with an optimum UV resistance, maximizing the duration.
  • High resistance to mechanical installation and uninstall.
  • Reduces or removes odors and prevents gas release.


  • Reduces the amount of chemicals (dosage saving), as the film increase gas retention and consequently efficiency. Cost effective.

  • Increment of biocide effectiveness with increased pathogen mortality. Higher control of weed growth, reduced nematode survival and improved performance.

  • Less gas release and higher security / safety for users. Uniform distribution of the product.

  • Reduction of environmental pollution.

  • Anti UV treatment for a long duration.

  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Greenhouse cover protection.

  • Reduction of the disinfection time which makes for an earlier protection.