Thermic film, with LDPE base, Diffused, in White (H) colour, manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion systems and different thickness. Reinforced with EVA copolymers to increase folds resistance with low temperatures.

Properties and Applications

This film has been designed to cover greenhouses and tunnels where the minimum temperatures at night could be extreme.

It contains as well a special package of thermic additives in order to thermo-regulate the cultivated area. These additives provide a barrier against the loss of long wave Infra-Red radiation (7-14µ), which is emitted by the earth during the night. This provides as well a very good thermicity, thus avoiding sharp nocturnal and diurnal temperature differentials and the risk of frost which are harmful to the plant. (Thermic inversion).

With a high light diffusion, the film eliminates shadows from within the greenhouse and allows an equal distribution of light across the crop, thus increasing yield.

Disinfectants, pesticides and insecticides must not splash or contaminate the cover of the greenhouse, as it can affect the film duration.


  • Very good mechanical properties.

  • High resistance to ageing.

  • High light diffusion, avoiding shadows inside the greenhouse.

  • Optimum thermo-isolating effect, avoiding night cooling and risk of frost.

  • Reinforced formulation to avoid folds tearing under extreme temperatures.

(*)The minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology, solar radiation of the zone and thickness of the film.