Multilayer co-extrusion film, manufactured from LDPE and copolymers EVA, in different thicknesses and perforation of 10mm.
The film is also available with anti-condensation effect.

Properties and Applications

The use of Floating Covers could be an interesting alternative of crop semi protection at a low cost.
The floating covers are placed over the crops, changing the microclimatic conditions generating windbreak and tunnel effect. The film can be installed without fixing; only lying over the crop, and elevating when it grows, or fixing the edges on ridges, leaving a small cover (10-15 centimeters high)
Under windy climates, films with more perforations must be installed to reduce the movement caused by wind.
Floating Covers generate greenhouse effect, increasing ground and air temperature, depending on the intensity of the radiation and the wind speed.
A light condensation of water inside the film during night limits cooling at night. The minimum air temperature could increase 2 or 3ºC. The minimum ground temperature (checked 10cm in depth) is also improved by about 2ºC.
Floating covers work as physical barrier against torrential rain or hail, having a windbreak effect.
The films should be taken off before periods of intensive sunshine, on days without wind, and at the beginning or end of the day, avoiding sunshine or cooling risk.


  • Improves environmental conditions for crops, avoiding undesirable effects when temperature increases, and allows advanced seasons or extended late ones.

  • Acts as a physical barrier against windbreak effect avoiding rain and hail damage.

  • Improves synergy between ground, water and crops.

  • The increment of ground temperature and the improvement of humidity allow a better nitrate process. Nutrients and water availability favours crop growth.

  • Allows pollination with bees, depending on the number and diameter of perforations.

  • Different perforations patterns available in diamond and parallel formation, up to 500 perforations/m2. Diameter of perforation: 10mm.