Black and White film of LDPE and LLDPE manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion system and different thicknesses.

This film is recommended for those crops requiring high luminosity and less temperature over the root of the plant as the white side of the film reflects solar radiation (60%) providing an extra light contribution.

Properties and Applications

Sotrafilm BN is designed to protect crops against damaging atmospheric agents such as heat and rain, retaining the necessary elements for good development of the crop.

The film can be also acquired:

  • With different plantation frames
  • Microperforated
  • Macroperforated with different plantation frames


  • The black face blocks the solar light transmissions, preventing weed growth.

  • Gives high yield and earlier crops; the white face reflects solar radiation providing an extra light contribution.

  • Avoids possible burning over the plants, reflecting the radiation instead of absorbing it.

  • It repels aphids and insects especially when the crop is young.

(*) Minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology and radiation of the country or zone where the film is going to be used, and the thickness of this.