Thermic films, with LDPE base, Diffused (D), in White (H) or Yellow (N) colour, manufactured in multilayer coextrusion system and different thicknesses.


  • Very good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to ageing and degradation for solar radiation or chemical attacks.

  • High global transmission of visible light. Very good luminosity inside the greenhouse.

  • High light diffusion, avoiding shadows and allowing equal distribution of light across the crop, thus increasing yield.

  • Optimum thermos-isolating effect, avoiding night cooling and risk of frost.

  • Recommended for climates with sharp differences in temperature between day and night.

  • The minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology, solar radiation of the zone and thickness of the film. Actually, the guarantee for this range can achieve 2 years, with 200 microns and 155 Klys.