Multilayer co-extrusion LDPE and LLDPE film, in different thicknesses. Black on one side and Metallic on the other side.

Properties and Applications

Sotrafilm NR is designed to protect crops and soil against damaging atmospheric agents, which can dry the ground, cause crop and fruit deterioration and rid the earth of useful nutrients, necessary for the development of plants.

The film can be acquired:

  • With plantation frames
  • Microperforated
  • Macroperforated with different plantation frames.

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  • Black colour blocks solar light transmission, preventing weed growth.

  • Gives higher yields, and earlier crops.

  • The metallic colour provides homogeny extra photoluminic nutrition for the plant because of its light reflection effect 45% (less than with the Sotrafilm BN).

  • Prevents excessive heating of films thus avoiding scorching.

  • Repels aphids and insects.