Sotraforce range is a complete range of films for Small and Medium tunnels as protective cover for crops, manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion system and different thicknesses.

Properties and Applications

In small tunnels, heat loss is much greater. Sotraforce range has a thermo isolating effect avoiding heat loss particularly at night.

These films are ideal as floating and thermic protective cover for crops, getting a favored climatology for yields. Sotraforce range could be Non-thermic: SOTRAFORCE NT and SOTRAFORCE NT UV, and the Thermic range: SOTRAFORCE DH (Diffused/Hals) and SOTRAFORCE TH (Transparent/Hals).

Non-Thermic Range

SOTRAFORCE NT and SOTRAFORCE NT UV (reinforced with UV stabilizers). The non-thermic films are normally used for increasing yields and for covering under external conditions and cooling risks.

Thermic Range

SOTRAFORCE DH (Diffused / Hals) and SOTRAFORCE TH (Transparent / Hals). These films are normally manufactured from EVA copolymers and LDPE, and are normally used for earlier crops. Recommended for watermelons, tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries, etc …


  • Excellent mechanical properties.

  • Very strong tear resistance.

  • Good transmission of visible light, enhancing the plants development and fruits precocity.

  • Available with anti-condensation agents.

  • Available with perforations or plantation frames to allow ventilation, avoiding high temperatures inside tunnels.