Thermic films with Eva/Eba copolymers, manufactured using multilayer co-extrusion systems in different thickness, enhance the properties of the film with the correct application of raw material in each layer.

The TRC Range can be Diffused (D) or Transparent (T), White (H) or Yellow (N).


  • Great mechanical properties, combining the properties of Eva/Eba copolymers and those of LDPE, LLDPE and metallocenes.

  • Good resistance to ageing, manufactured with the assurance of good durability.

  • High global transmission of visible light and very good luminosity inside the greenhouse.

  • Diffused version (D) has an excellent light diffusion effect, avoiding shadow inside the greenhouse and possible burns to the plants.

  • The Transparent version (T) has the minimum diffusion suitable for those zones with low luminosity.

  • Recommended in zones with high temperature differences between day and night.

  • Optimum thermos-insulating effect avoiding possible thermic inversions.

  • Minimum duration guaranteed will depend on climatology and radiation of the country or zone where the film is going to be used, and the thickness of this.