Silofresh Range is multilayer co-extrusion LDPE films with different thicknesses. Designed to cover fodder and preserve it to feed the cattle keeping its original nutritional value.


The process of Silage ensures the preservation of fresh fodder, giving a high nutritional value, over a period of time, thereby preventing dryness. It also protects the feed from outside elements, i.e. rain and air. A preservative element is present in the crop, for example lactic fermentation.

Advice for Silage Preservation

  • The crop to be ensiled must be as clean as possible.

  • The silo or pit should be filled as quickly and continuously as possible.

  • The mass should be of a uniform composition.

  • Preservatives should be used according to the crop being ensiled.

  • The silage should be fed when the nutritional value is at its highest

  • The silage should be cut and fed in small sections.

  • The silage should be completely sealed

  • The silo should be in an area of protected from the heat of the sun