White Shrinkable film, up to 16m, (Anti-flammable version is also available), normally used for building and boat protection, during transport and/or maintenance in dry docks.

Properties and Applications

This film adapts to any structure, a boat, goods or construction scaffolding. It is also specially developed to protect medium and large-scale volumes.

Main application sectors:  nautical, industrial and construction sectors.

Great protection against external agents such us, wind, rain, snow, ultraviolet radiation and dust.


  • Maximum width of the market, up to 16 meters.

  • Bi-directional shrinkage.

  • Complete encapsulation, keeping it tight and tensioned, both horizontal and vertically.

  • Easy welding.

  • High UV protection.

  • Great durability to ultraviolet radiation exposure.

  • Excellent mechanical and tear resistance.

  • Flexible and easy to install and remove.