2021-08-09T10:16:17+02:00August, 2021|Plásticos agrícolas, Research and Developement|

Since last June, Sotrafa has been part of the MORE (Monitoring Recyclates for Europe) platform. This platform has been created by the Spanish Association of Plastics Industrialists (ANAIP), where it is certified the commitment to the Circular Economy by integrating [...]

Sotrafa takes part in a cooperation project Spain – Egypt

2021-06-09T13:11:09+02:00June, 2019|Other, Research and Developement|

Sotrafa takes part in a project to develop a multilayer plastic film to manufacture SILOBAGS to store wheat grain. The external layer will have antifungal properties, giving security to the stored product. The general purpose is to minimize the wheat [...]

New geomembrane plastics products with an innovative production process.

2018-10-22T11:56:09+02:00October, 2018|Research and Developement|

PROJECT: AL/734P08 SOTRFA S.A. has received an economic support (Law 50/1985, 27th December) cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF / FEDER), to manufacture new geomembrane plastic products with an innovative production process. The project has been developed at [...]

SOTRAFA has participated in TecnoAgro (Peru) exhibition and has received ICEX support.

2018-10-22T11:42:54+02:00October, 2018|Exhibitions - Congress, Research and Developement|

"For this activity Sotrafa has the ICEX support, as well as the European funds, FEDER, having contributed to the economic growth of the company, the country and Spain as a whole."

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