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Silage technique: What is it and Why we should do it?

2021-07-22T13:15:49+00:00 July, 2021|Plastic Films, Plásticos agrícolas|

When we talk about silage, we refer to the process of conservation of livestock forage or agricultural by-products, through which an ideal fermentation is produced that allows it to be kept safely, with a greater nutritional power, and for a [...]

Greenhouse Covers: Types and Characteristics

2021-07-12T09:36:55+00:00 June, 2021|Plastic Films|

Greenhouse covers insulate and protect crops from the external climate, therefore also protecting crops from unwanted atmospheric agents. Among the aspects to especially consider is the formulation designed to provide excellent resistance to degradation by the effect of solar radiation [...]

What is the better plastic film for a greenhouse?

2021-03-09T11:06:05+00:00 March, 2021|Plastic Films|

If you are starting in the agricultural plastic sector or want to renew your greehouse, you will be looking for information about the best plastic for your application. There are many options to choose them. The question is which plastic [...]