If you need to change the plastic cover of your greenhouses, this article will advise what type of plastic is usually used for greenhouses, and can help you obtain maximum profitability from your crops.

There are customers who contact Sotrafa for advice on which is the best plastic for their greenhouse but to know the answer, we must consider the different types of plastic and determine which is the best suited to the crops.

There are different types of greenhouse plastic depending on the crop and the climate, here, we tell you everything you need to know to distinguish them.


What is the difference between a thermic and a non-thermic film?

Thermic films have been developed to avoid sudden changes in temperature between day and night. Non-thermic films, are advised in those areas that do not suffer sharp differences in daytime and night-time temperatures. Since they do not have the thermic additive , “heat inversion” can occur if the temperature drops too sharply at night.

At Sotrafa we have a thermic range: TRC and Plastermic and a non-thermic range, such as our ASTER range.


Differences between a conventional film and a disinfection film

A conventional plastic has a permeability that allows gases to pass through its micro-pores, causing the soil disinfectant to escape.

Sotrafa disinfection films apply an innovative technology that significantly reduce the pore size of the plastic, making it impermeable, and it is also resistant to chemical attacks and ultraviolet radiation.

For chemical soil disinfection we recommend: DS PLUS and DS TIF, while for ecological soil disinfection we offer ECO PLUS and BF TIF for bio fumigation.

Research has allowed us to reformulate our special products for disinfection by incorporating additives and the latest generation raw materials, that have improved the specific properties for their application (permeability, thermicity, condensation, etc.).


Products of disinfection

We present our DS PLUS product for Chemical disinfection and our ECO PLUS for Ecological disinfection.



Improvements incorporated into the product:

  • Thermic properties.
  • Improved permeability.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and chemical attack

We have obtained the best possible product for soil disinfection, allowing a considerably lower dose than usual, but achieving optimal results.

DS PLUS film is specially manufactured to achieve 100% performance in soil disinfection.



Improvements incorporated into the product:

  • We take advantage of long infrared radiation to make it more thermic, in this way heat is retained and sudden changes in temperature are avoided at night
  • Greater resistance to UV radiation
  • More resistance to chemical attacks


Double Covers

This agricultural film is mainly used as a double cover during the months with lower outside temperatures, its aim is to increase the temperature inside the greenhouse in the coldest months of the year.

With it we achieve greater profitability in the crops, avoiding the fall of water droplets and condensation from the roof, as well as an economical passive heating system. Sotrafa’s double cover also prevents diseases caused by condensation inside the tunnel. In rainy climates, the placement of this double cover is essential and recommended, as a double protection system.

It also avoids the contact of pesticides with the covers, prolonging their life in a stable way and delaying discolouration.

Sotrafa’s Double Cover is available in Thermic and Non-Thermic versions. With high transparency, it can be purchased with an anti-fog (AF) or anti-drip version to avoid condensation droplets inside the double cover. For this, the film must have a certain inclination down which the condensation can run, without forming droplets. Discover the secret of our films and avoid possible diseases in your plants.



For soil or “mulching” we also provide solutions:

Sotrafilm prevents the evaporation of water from the soil, benefiting the plants with a constant feeding. It also avoids strong temperature contrasts and promotes nitrification.

What can we achieve with it?

  • Higher quality and better presentation of the fruit
  • Avoid the growth of weeds that spoil the crop
  • A more fertile land
  • An adequate and constant feeding of our plants

In addition, it is available in various formats according to the need of each crop: Biodegradable, brown / green, multi-perforated, black / silver, white / black, black or natural.


Hydroponics films

For soil less cultivation we offer a special two-color film (white / black) with a thickness from 100 microns.

What does this product offer you?

  • Excellent mechanical properties, strong and firm for the substrate
  • Prevents plant scorching, thanks to its white colour
  • Prevents evaporation in the nutritive solutions of the plant
  • Reflects solar radiation by providing extra light
  • We get early harvests
  • Prevents and reduces pests and certain insects


Greenhouse and Tunnels Films

Greenhouse covers are able to isolate crops from external factors that can negatively influence them.

Depending on the area, the climate or the needs of each crop, we can find several types of covers.

In Sotrafa you will find different ranges and properties:

  • TRC range: Recommended for its optimal thermo-insulating effect, avoiding possible thermal inversions.
  • Plastermic Range: Characterized by excellent resistance to aging and degradation by solar radiation and chemical treatments.
  • Aster Range: Impeccable mechanical resistance, with an optimal behaviour against other external agents such as wind, rain, hail, etc.


Small and Medium tunnels

In small and medium tunnels, we find little hot air circulating inside, this is usually lost very easily making it impossible to maintain a stable temperature throughout the day.

In order to avoid these losses, Sotrafa creates Sotraforce, a specific film for small and medium tunnels in different thicknesses, available in the following versions:

-Non-thermal: Designed for crops in which we want to improve growth and avoid frost

-Thermal: Designed for early crops.


Silage films

The silage process is an effective technique that requires high-quality plastics for its success.

Maintaining forages with all their properties in optimal conditions is not easy and that is why Sotrafa creates a specific range for this purpose.

  • Silofresh range: Films that cover and protect forage, preserving all its properties.
  • Greenbag: Two-color bag that maintains a stable temperature inside, increasing and preserving the quality of the stored product / forage.
  • Silaseal: This blue tinted impermeable sheet creates a necessary vacuum for the forage fermentation process.




Being in the market for more than 30 years has allowed us to position ourselves as one of  the leading manufacturers in Europe. During this time, we have strived for excellence, providing effective solutions to each farmer, addressing his concerns and needs.

If you need to reinforce or change the plastic covering of your greenhouse, get in touch with us, our technical team will study your case in detail to offer you the best solution.

In Sotrafa you will find a film for every need.