The use of Double Covers films in the greenhouses of Southern Spain is well established and has experienced a notable growth in recent years.

Double Covers are an important requirement on a greenhouse, reducing fluctuations in temperature so that the plants can grow at an optimal thermic level.

Thanks to the Double Cover, we can give the crops greater thermic protection by using a suitable film that does not impede radiation entering the greenhouse, therefore allowing a great global transmission of light and, especially, PAR (photosynthetically active radiation).

With a Double Cover film, the farmer can achieve an increase in temperature in the coldest months of the year, avoid dripping/condensation onto the crop, control relative humidity and improve ventilation. The control of these climatic parameters is directly related to such important benefits for the farmer, including reduction and control of diseases, increased production, and improved fruit quality.

We have two product lines, the Double Cover (DC) High Transparency with anti-drip properties, and our Double Thermic Cover, also with anti-drip.


With Double Cover High Transparency, in addition to improving the microclimatic conditions inside the greenhouse, we ensure there are no obstacles to impede radiation, and that the light can pass through the cover, intact, to the crop. These covers algo have the advantage of insulation and anti drip properties thus preventing diseases to the crop.

Our Double Cover High Transparency can be used in all types of crops, even those that require more light, and thus take advantage of the possibility of increasing the temperature in winter without losing any PAR radiation, which favours an optimal development of the crop.

The experiences of the farmers who have used it have been very positive. The installation is usually in tomato, pepper, cucumber, and zucchini crops, … growers have highlighted that in tomato and pepper crops there is a total absence of stained fruit and a much lower incidence of diseases. Zucchini needs light and a good temperature, so the differences with greenhouses that do not have High Transparency Double Cover installed are notable, both in terms of quantity and quality of fruit.

The objective of these double covers is to guarantee protection, respect photosynthetically active radiation thanks to its transparency and avoid diseases by eliminating the possibility of dripping on the plants.


Secondly, we have a range of Double Thermic Cover with Anti-drip, which incorporates a higher level of thermicity and is recommended, for example for crops such as cucumber.

Finally, it should be noted that the combination of a TRC Premium cover with a High Transparency DC will be a perfect complement. Both will increase the properties of the crop. The optical balance is maintained, there will be an increment in thermicity, and it will also act as a control of climatic differences.

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