If you are starting in the agricultural plastic sector or want to renew your greehouse, you will be looking for information about the best plastic for your application.

There are many options to choose them. The question is which plastic is most suited to your needs.

For this reason, we are going to inform you of the factors that you should consider when you choose it.

If at the end you still have doubts, our commercial team will be happy to help you with any further issues.

What is the function of greenhouse plastic?

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The function of a greenhouse plastic varies depending on the area where you place it and what you intend to grow in it.

One of the main functions of agricultural plastic in greenhouse covers is to protect crops from sudden temperature changes, maintaining a microclimate inside the greenhouse, as well as benefitting from its optical properties.

Each cover has different properties that directly affect the crops planted.

In Sotrafa we manufacture thermic and non-thermic covers. In thermic covers you will find the TRC Range and the Plastermic Range, with multiple features and benefits that you can research on our website.

In non-thermic covers you will find our Aster Range, with an excellent mechanical resistance, giving optimum performance against external conditions such as wind, rain, hail, etc…

Special agricultural mulching films are designed to protect crops and soil against damaging atmospheric agents, which can dry the ground, cause crop and fruit deterioration and rid the earth of useful nutrients, necessary for the development of plants.

The mulching films also prevent weed growth, obtaining better quality crops by not being in direct contact with the ground.

In Sotrafa we manufacture a wide variety of films within our Sotrafilm Range.

Finally, good soil disinfection is important for higher yields and quality crops. In our disinfection range you will find: DSPLUS, ECOPLUS or DSTIF.

Agricultural cover depending on the crop, extension or location

Depending on the crop and the place where it is located, the climate will be different and you will need a type of agricultural film to suit those demands.

In Sotrafa we have the knowledge, experience and technology to meet any of our customers’ needs.

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We have a complete range of greenhouse films depending on the climate and your crop location, always protecting and preparing them against atmospheric agents. For example, the TRC5 Premium film is specially designed for climates such as Almería, with excellent optical and mechanical properties, providing a high resistance to degradation through solar radiation. It is also resistant to sulphur and chlorine for a duration of 3 years.

Factors to consider in choosing a greenhouse film

To select an appropiate greenhouse cover or agriculrural film we must consider:

  1. Durability: The physifcal and mechanical properties of the film are very important, as is the correct application, and the climate of the area.
  2. Thermic effect: The thermic effect of a greenhouse plastic avoids possible thermic inversions. Recommended for those places with high isolation during the day and low temperatures at night.
  3. Transparency: Excellent transmission of visible light.
  4. Antidrip properties: To prevent condensation inside the double cover. The sheet must be fitted with a convex aspect to allow the droplets to run off the material. This eliminates diseases caused by excess drips from the cover onto the plant. For this, Sotrafa offer the innovative solution of the double cover.
  5. Thickness: We manufacture greenhouse cover with thickness between 400 gauge (100 microns) and 800 gauge (200 microns)

Sotrafa, the best greenhouse film for your crops

Please use the knowledge and expertise of our commercial and technical team, and protect your greenhouses with the best plastic technology available.

In Sotrafa we are pioneers and leaders in the agricultural sector. We manufacture agricultural plastics that correspond to the actual needs of our customers. For this reason, we want to help you choose the best plastics for your greenhouse.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you!!!

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