Solutions for Disinfection


One of the first actions to get a perfect greenhouse is Disinfection. Farmer can choose different disinfection types.


Different Disinfection Films



  Special film for Chemical Disinfection.

Thanks to thermal properties improves imperbeability and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and chemical attacks.

The cost by hectare is the same as a disinfection with a plastic of 60 gauges. Additional advantages, such as no chemical attacks to covers avoiding reduction in the duration of the material.



  Special film for Solarization technique.

This is the perfect system for ecologic crops, combining the benefit of solar energy, temperature and water.

More transparent product which increases temperature and reduces solarization time and condensation effect. It also respects many of the beneficial organisms.



Film with high gas barrier properties, improving disinfection efficiency.

The film prevents fumigation gas release. Traditional films have a degree of porosity which allows disinfectant release.

Reduces the amount of chemical, as the film increases gas retention and consequently efficiency. Cost effective. Reduction of environmental pollution and protection of the greenhouse cover.