The presentation was at the Golf Almerimar Hotel, before more than 250 distributors of the local market.

For this new agricultural season, the Group has made a special remark to find new solutions for greenhouses disinfections (chemical, solarisation and biogumigation technique). The main purpose is to get films improving process, cost, effectiveness and time of disinfection.

With chemical disinfection and a good technique, there will be excellent results and effectiveness, reducing chemical products cost and time.

With solarisation, technology of the future, there is a process reduction of 4 weeks. The other technique is the biofumigation, an alternative to fertilization and disinfection at the same time.

The other development is the double chamber, high transparency covers placed on the market two year ago, for tomato and pepper crops, with excellent results and providing also benefits for the quality of crops.

And finally, the latest generation cover with the better warranty, high resistance to chemical attack and excellent optical properties for crops development. This cover is the result of several years of work and experience, being a product specially adapted to Almeria crops and with new polymers and additives.