ACIE (Spanish Certification Agency) recognizes Sotrafa’s efforts

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The ACIE (Spanish Certification Agency) recognizes the efforts Sotrafa has made in Research, Development and Technologic Innovation (RDI). For example the development of long duration plastic films and the specific properties for the sector application. Accordingly to Vicente Cejas, director [...]

Local newspapers inform about Sotrafa’s experience

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Local newspapers inform about Sotrafa's experience and consolidation in the market (manufacturing plastics for agriculture since 1976). This year Sotrafa will manufacture more than 40.000 tonnes, an evidence of leadership and growth. The Agricultural and Geosynthetics Divisions offer a diversification [...]

Sotrafa will manufacture more than 40.000 tonnes this season

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Sotrafa was the first factory making plastics for agriclture, back in 1976, and this season they will manufacture more than 40.000 tonnes, confirming their leadership and growth. They has collaborated with early horticultue production, thanks to their support to Plasticulture. [...]

Sotrafa recommends the use of Double Cover – High Transparency

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The Digital Newspaper Horto-Info publishes the great reception in the market of the film Double Cover - High Transparency manufactured by Sotrafa. This is the adequate film to be used as double cover during those months with less outside temperature. [...]